Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

welcome to kindergarten


so it’s wednesday night, last week of my vacations in sunny spain. and none of my friends seems to be available.
i’m bored. and some guys from the school wanna go dancing… bad combination!
this is the plan:

the carribeans.

i hate this club. like so many bar/clubs in valencia: just too many hormone driven teens and twens crowded in one tiny place.

but just because i hate it doesn’t necessarily mean i can’t have fun…

2 whiskey/coke certainly do help. so does this cute little fellow, very charming, killer smile, wants his kids’ names to be tim and emma… aha!?
he’s 25, appears to be even younger. way too young… again. damn! what’s it with me and those mid-twens??
can’t do this. i think. and… the next thing i wonder a little later is: who is kissing who here?
well, he certainly doesn’t seem to mind, and neither do i. haven’t kissed in a while… 7 months. that felt like: water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

and these kisses are nice.
not life changing like… back then…
but just nice enough for now to kinda kiss the night away.

we don’t really notice much what’s going on around us, not much except for this girl in our group, that is hitting on every guy that is not gay, and vice versa.

all play, all fun…

at 4 a.m. the club closes. we leave to find ourselves in a big discussion over “where do we go now?”, quickly settled. i remember my ex-teacher and me literally running off to the next club, listening to green day, losing everyone but two dancing-pals, wondering where the rest of the group went. one call of our norwegian gal later we know: at the rumbo.

well, as much as i hate the carribeans, i sure loathe the rumbo. it’s just bad! every visit there ends in either disappointment or boredom.
but the rest of the group is there and i really don’t want to go home yet.
also, i kinda wonder where my kissing-fling ended up…

surprise! there he is! …hitting on that other girl that’s after every guy and who everyone else is after, too, dancing really close, kinda slutty, i think she likes to think of guys as those poles in strip-clubs, wrapping herself around, grinding against them…

at least that’s what it looks like to me. and my pal, who is so obviously in love with her tonight - which she noticed! - and doesn’t take this whole boytoy-switching of hers too well. luckily, he’s drunk enough not to remember any of this the next day… that’s what he said.

some part of me really wants to act offended… ‘cause i know: i’m not the prettiest girl on the playground, but, come on, whatever happened to: decency? snatching away my kissing fling like this should really piss me off!

but i’m not offended. i first kinda shrug, then kinda laugh. ‘cause i don’t care.
like nobody cares.

which makes me think: damn, i really miss caring! about someone… who cares for me?

man, alla this… it’s just so hilarious!

this girl: so obvious.
those guys: so simple.
and me: so bored…

well, we do kiss again a little later that night, ‘cause i like to make up the rules in this kindergarten. with no strings attached:

no phone numbers. no him walking me home.
just a bad hang over in the morning.

and this eternal wondering…

when will everybody start to care again?