Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Note to self

Just let me know
Now, why
Didn’t I do what I should have done?
I wonder along
I just wander along
The remains of
Where I used to sing and dance
My steps so lightly
My feet barely touching the ground
To eyes that weren’t watching too closely
It seemed like

I could fly

I was so shy
So proud and stubborn, too
I wouldn’t wanna have it
Any other way
Until, of course, that one day
Which I don’t even remember
But it seemed to be so important back then
Like a turning point, indeed
Finding that shiny little thing that turns people into
Soaking them up, eating them alive
Making them do what they think they have to do
It made me forget, too
Everything that I loved
And true:

I didn’t wanna have it any other way

I just thought there was so much more time
‘Cause there’s always another
There’s no turning back
And yet, I sometimes wait
For the universe to implode
For the clock to strike backwards
Sometimes I go to sleep to wake up
To another dream
That feels like
I know
Now, I know