Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Sometimes, it's not so hard to say goodbye

Today, I had to listen to a married man explaining to me explicitly that my yearning for a relationship would in reality only mean that I do not embrace being with only myself and that, apparently, I cannot be by myself very well…


Wouldn’t that in theory mean that no one would have to strive for a relationship ever again, and everyone could live happily ever after by only themselves? But then, why is “a happy and fulfilled relationship” a primary life goal for most (a recent study even dares to claim 90 %) of the German women and men?

Wouldn’t that also mean, if I really could not be by myself, that I would constantly be in a relationship with just about anyone to simply not be alone?

No? Huh.

Well, then:

Try being single for 10 years with all the dating disasters and dysfunctional relationship tryouts, try finding hope and losing faith all over again, try being the only single friend left in your circle of friends, try not feeling like a leper, try dealing with the pity, try “making the best” out of every weekend by yourself when everyone else is with their partners or children, try making “new besties” missing your real friends. Now, try all of that being a woman in her mid-thirties.

And then, after a long hard day, when all you really need is a long hard hug and some comforting words, you too will realize:

Being single fucking sucks.

And it sometimes leaves you sad, and sometimes, yes, even furiously mad.

So, before you judge, at least try to walk a mile in my shoes first…

By the way, tell me again – why are you married?

Then again:
Never explain. Your friends won’t need explanations, and your enemies won’t believe you anyway, right?